LP-Mycron strojegradnja d.o.o.
Puhova Ulica 7-9

2250 Ptuj, Slovenia, EU


You want to know more? You can reach us here:

+386 2 7875 417


Would you like to discuss your career with us?

You can reach us here:

+386 2 7875 435


Managing director: Joachim Sturmes


Authorized signitories:

Lydia Sauer-Sturmes for technology

Milanka Dobnikar for sale

Klaudia Filipič for human resources

Valerija Horvat for purchasing


Application reference number, register at the District Court of Ptuj: 1/09377/00
Nominal Capital: 1.680.000,00 €, Registration number: 5878365000, VAT: SI34032126