CNC manufactured metal and aluminium components up to 3.5 ms long? That sounds like a boring procurement proposal, like completing parts drawings. Like assemblies that you need and that should be cost-efficiently produced. And what if something isn’t delivered on time?

Is the supplier reliable? Does it have the necessary quality certificates, are there ethical and socially relevant working conditions for the workforce? And even when the supplier has good references, shall I really leave the well-trodden path of my previous procurement? – no-one takes on your troubles or gives you your lost time back. Does it have to be that way? 

Mycron thinks differently. Mycron is different.

  • We are your manufacturing and development partner with 25 years’ experience. For very small or very big components, particularly when small measuring tolerances are required.
  • We are the company that supplies CAT1 components in time and budget.
  • We have a 360-degree approach (quality, technology, logistics, costs).
  • We accompany your product during its whole life cycle with appropriate storage and logistics solutions.
  • We speak your language and think along the same lines.
  • We are here for you when you need support.

So, you have a clear mind for your visions.


Our customers come from the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, Italy, Malaysia, the Emirates and the USA.

  • Reprographic industry
  • Vehicle construction companies for streets and rails
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Mechanical engineering companies
  • Medical technology


We have worked closely with the Biersack Group in Germany for many years ( We have worked very successfully hand in hand with local companies in Slovenia and EU located companies for years.